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Swimming Northland Board Vacancies



We are seeking applications from people who would like to be considered for the Swimming Northland Board. The board will have two vacancies in August 2022. Louise will be retiring after two terms (6-years) on the board and many years on the management committee before the board was established. Matt White will also be retiring at the end of his first term due to other commitments including being an active member of our technical official team. The board is very grateful to both Matt and Louise for their service to the board over their set periods, both individuals will be missed.  


With board members stepping down it gives us an opportunity to bring new ideas and thinking to the board table. As a board chair I find this very exciting providing new future opportunities. Applicants will be elected at the Swimming Northland AGM in August 2022.  


The Board meets approximately once every 6-weeks with the majority of meetings held via video conferencing with in-person meetings held every few months.There is a small koha given annually to board members to compensate them for their time. Although we appreciate this is not substantial, we believe it supports individuals to step forward and be involved.  

The role and responsibility of the Board is to act in the best interests of Swimming Northland and to provide good governance to Swimming Northland including through the following:  

  • Overseeing the implementation and performance of the Swimming Northland Strategic Plan 

  • Monitoring and reviewing performance against the annual budget 

  • Addressing the ongoing viability and sustainability of Swimming Northland 

  • Monitoring regulatory compliance for Swimming Northland 

  • Establishing, reviewing, and monitoring policies to guide and govern Swimming Northland 

  • Fostering interaction and communication across and within Swimming Northland, Member Clubs, other regional sports organisations and with Swimming Northland stakeholders 

  • Adopting and communicating a continual best practice performance culture 

  • Preparing an annual report and procuring an annual statement of accounts 


The Board will aim to be comprised of a combined skill set including governance experience (preferably but not exclusive to sport), strategic ability, commercial experience, business skills and relationship management.There will also be a good mix of independence and connection to the sport, and it is envisaged that the new Board member will add and enhance the skill set of the existing Board members. 


Preferred Skills: 

  • Accounting or financial acuity  

  • Māori tikanga and kawa  

  • Innovation in strategy design and development 

  • Health and Safety  

  • Swimming sport and knowledge  

  • Event planning knowledge  

Preferred Attributes:  
  • Male  

  • Māori  



If you are motivated to be at the forefront of change to support the growth and development of a cornerstone sport and to further develop a positive new culture based on trust, collaboration and disciplined focus we welcome your application.Applicants do not need to be members of Swimming Northland and applications are welcome from anyone who can contribute to the sport within the region. 
The position is a voluntary unpaid role with koha given annually for meeting attendance.  
Information and documents are available from Swimming Northland administrator – 
Applications close on 31st July 2021. Your completed application should be emailed to